About G. S. Beckwith Gilbert ’63

A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton, Beck Gilbert received his MBA in 1967 from New York University. He is an honorary member of the Weill Cornell School of Medicine Class of 2004. In 2006, Mr. Gilbert received an MS in immunology, with a focus on cancer, from Rockefeller University.

Chairman Emeritus of the Board of the Harvard Medical School Fellows, he currently serves as a Director of the Yale Cancer Institute, and the Cancer Research Institute.

Mr. Gilbert is the founder, president, and CEO of Field Point Capital Management Company, a private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and active management of businesses. He is the chairman of PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. and a director of Davidson Hubeny Brands. He is the former chairman and CEO of QO Chemicals and the former chairman of the Executive Committee of Dianon Systems, Inc.